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Network video can be used in an almost-unlimited number of applications; however, most of its uses fall into security surveillance or remote monitoring. Video technology can be a powerful deterrent to both external and internal theft. It can also provide evidence and help protect you from false slip-and-fall claims and similar threats.
Once the network cameras (or analog cameras and video encoders) are installed and configured, you can monitor and record video and/or audio from many cameras simultaneously on a local or remote PC via the Internet using Video Management Software (VMS) provided by FORCEFIELD Systems.
VMS NVR/Client software supplies the basis for video management, monitoring, analysis, and recording; allows users to, among other things, centrally manage and configure the network video products (network cameras and video servers) to their viewing, recording and security preferences. Video can be monitored on one or a few monitoring stations.
1. FORCEFIELD advanced video monitoring
We have partnered with the Meglan Technologies to provide as part of our security solution advanced video monitoring. Meglan Technologies strictly specializes in IP-based video monitoring.
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2. Customer advanced video monitoring
If you want to manage video surveillance and alarm monitoring yourself, FORCEFIELD puts the power in your hands — live video capabilities can be added to your own Monitoring Center. Operators can view the premise in real time - live - as it happens; responding immediately to any threat dispatching the appropriate authorities as required.
  • Multiple search functions for recorded video are also provided.
  • Recorded video can be exported in avi or in a proprietary file format (with restricted VMS Archive Viewer).
Police Arrest
A pair of individuals decide to take a shortcut through a monitored construction site. Thanks to the quick attentive operators at Meglan. The Police were waiting for them to exit on the far side of the site. With guns drawn the police make the arrest. Just one of the many examples of the benifts of live video monitoring.
(Captured video provided by Meglan Technologies Inc)
False alarms become a thing of the past when you trust your security to FORCEFIELD Live Video Verification Network system. Conventional alarm monitoring systems only inform the operator of an event. The cause of the event is anybody’s guess. More often than not alarms remain unexplained resulting in a loss of confidence that the system is working to its potential.
In most towns and cities across Canada, police have established False Alarm Bylaws to help offset the costs of responding to multiple false alarms at one location. Police do not guarantee a speedy response since many burglar alarms result in a waste of their resources; however, when contacted by us, they make it a high priority call because they know it is justified. This results in getting help to your site quickly and efficiently.
Conventional security guards do very little to prevent crime – Video Surveillance System has had a huge impact on theft prevention – theft goes down to near zero” - Fieldgate Homes
FORCEFIELD IP-Security can be easily integrated with different mechanical and electronic security devices.
Network video, often also called IP-based video surveillance or IP-Surveillance, is a system that gives users the ability to monitor and record video, as well as audio, over an IP network (LAN, WAN, or Internet). Unlike analog video systems, network video uses an IP-based network rather than dedicated point-to-point cabling as the backbone for transporting video and audio. In a network video application, digitized video and audio streams are sent over wired or wireless IP networks, enabling video monitoring and recording from anywhere on the network.
Network video’s advanced functionalities are highly suited to applications involved in security surveillance. The flexibility of digital technology enhances security personnel’s ability to protect people, property, and assets. Such systems are therefore an especially attractive option for companies currently using CCTV.
Network video gives users the ability to gather information at all key points of an operation and view it in real-time. This makes the technology ideal for monitoring equipment, people, and places — both locally and remotely. Application examples include traffic and production line monitoring, and the monitoring of multiple retail locations.

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