We provide specific solutions for specific situations
Add the ability to verify an alarm event in real time.
You have already made significant investments in analog CCTV systems, access control or other security solutions and as long as these systems are delivering value, you do not, understandably, see the need to change? So instead of starting from scratch, we offer to combine your existing security system with FORCEFIELD network video solution customized for your needs, thereby acquiring all the functionality and benefits that digital technology offers.
Analog closed-circuit recording systems (CCTV) are limited, because they are only as smart as the person monitoring the system. With IP networks you have access to a wide-range of automated software settings and alert systems that make security management more efficient and intelligent and less error prone and less costly. On the other hand, IP camera systems handle motion detection, event triggers, and alert automation (via e-mail, sound message or phone call), and have a multitude of options for changing frame rates, resolution and timed record cycles.
Video encoders helping you migrate your analog security system to an IP-based video solution. Video encoders digitize analog video signals and turning analog cameras into network cameras, enabling users to remotely monitor the cameras, as well as record and store video on standard PC servers. A video encoder brings new functionality to analog equipment and eliminates the need for dedicated equipment such as coaxial cabling, analog monitors and digital video recorders.
Even a single analog camera connected to a video server or a network camera added to the system will give you a full range of advantages that come from digital, networked surveillance.
Integrating IP-surveillance with access control systems allows video to be captured at all entrance and exit points.
Having the ability to verify an alarm event in real time is a key advantage as a growing number of municipalities pass Verified Response regulations requiring verification that an intrusion is actually taking place before police will dispatch personnel to the site.

FORCEFIELD Live Video Verification Network solutions can be easily integrated with different mechanical and electronic security devices, taking the guesswork out of alarm monitoring.
Network video security integrated with gate control
"We would highly recommend this service (turnkey system) to any gated facility requiring a cost effective solution to their gate control." - Goodyear Canada (Napanee)
FORCEFIELD IP-Video systems ready to deploy for guard augmentation, automated gate control, 24/7 site monitoring, safety verification...any application requiring video access & recording.
More Advantages
There are almost no limitations as to where the network video products can be placed. They are not tied to physical inputs or frame grabbers and we can connect the product to a LAN, xDSL, modem or wireless adapter.
In addition, our IP systems have the capacity to provide a high level of integration with other equipment and functions, making it a continually developing system.
A VIDEO ENCODER can be connected to a wide variety of specialized cameras, such as a highly sensitive black and white camera, a miniature or a microscope camera, in addition to fixed, dome, indoor, outdoor and pan/tilt/zoom analog cameras.
Besides digitizing analog signals, a video encoder can support a host of other functions: for example, digital inputs and outputs (I/O, which can trigger the encoder to start sending images or to activate alarms and devices such as lights and doors), audio, and serial port(s) for serial data or control of pan/tilt/zoom cameras and devices. With image buffering, a video encoder can also send pre- and post-alarm images.

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