Hosted, Managed or Traditional Access Control
Be ready for the future.
A hosted access control system provides secure and reliable access control for your facilities. No more dedicated servers or need to install software upgrades. Our state of art data centers are configured to maintain and backup your system automatically.
Our Cogito line of products provide the full spectrum of hosted, managed and traditional server-based access control solutions. Our aim to provide our customers maximum flexibility in choosing a product that is exactly right for their environment.

Cogito Online Services™ is our cloud-hosted security management solution that provides reliable, real-time and secure security administration. If you have access to a web browser, you are all set to use Cogito.
Cogito OnSite™ is our server-based which is ideal for companies that need to store security data on their location. No software needs to be installed on clients, however, and a web browser is all you need to access Cogito OnSite™ from remote clients.

Cogito ReadyBox™ is our system-in-a-box readymade solution that comes pre-assembled and pre-configured with required software. You simply plug it into network and it is ready to do its job.
Cogito Online Services

Even a single analog camera connected to a video server or a network camera added to the system will give you a full range of advantages that come from digital, networked surveillance.
FORCEFIELD IP-Security can be easily integrated with different mechanical and electronic security devices.
Why SaaS?
Software as a Service, often also referred to as “Cloud”, is a deployment model in which software and its associated data are hosted externally at secure and scalable data centers.

The past few years have seen rapid growth in critical business applications migrating to cloud-based deployment, including sales force management, human resources systems, accounting systems, compliance management and even internal e-mail systems being hosted externally.

The benefits include a dramatic decrease in cost of ownership as adding additional applications to a corporate IT infrastructure requires testing, installation, server configuration, scheduled backups and other operational tasks.

In addition the security and reliability of 3rd party hosting companies is superior to typical customers’ internal IT departments, with significant hardware and connectivity redundancy standard with a hosting provider.

Finally, the customer’s capacity can easily be increased as needed as the customer’s application is hosted in a large and scalable environment.

The economies of scale of external hosting providers, managing the applications and data of many customers results in SaaS being an extremely cost effective approach for most customers.

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