Robust and Reliable Security Systems
IP Video has transformed the world of video surveillance. It empowers companies to be more proactive in their overall approach to security and as a result more successful when dealing with potential threats. Wireless IP Video advancements make it possible for security networks to be expanded across a broader perimeter within a manageable cost structure. The newer H264 video compression format allows HD video to be recorded and archived and most importantly MONITORED in Real Time by trained operators. Instant detection combined with early intervention is what leads to crime prevention. At Forcefield, we provide Intelligent Video Solutions and Products to dealer partners for a Turn-key solution to their client's business needs

This is where video intelligence helps out by highlighting potential threats as they occur and triggering alarm conditions so that criminal acts can be thwarted by live operators monitoring the developing situation online. All video content analysis is filtered, assessed and prioritized using Video Management Software (VMS) so that operators know which cameras to engage in order to quickly diffuse the potential threat. This event-driven surveillance is made possible by combining EDGE detection functionality residing in the VMS and IP cameras thereby alleviating the workload from any Network Video Recorders(NVR’s). As a result, Forcefield’s IP video security networks won’t get bogged down and embroiled in time wasting server-rich video analytic cycles that could ultimately affect operator response times. When it comes to catching criminals – SECONDS COUNT!


FORCEFIELD Systems designs and supplys the entire IP Security System that is right for your application and suitable for your enterprise. Remember, our work can always be monitored!
  • We provide onsite and remote recording of all events.
  • We can interact, via voice and other devices with your staff, visitors, police or anyone else who may visit your property.
  • You can view your property or project from any computer that has access to the system, securely and safely.
  • We monitor your entire system daily to ensure its full functionality.
  • Your system is designed for easy future-proof integration and scalability.


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